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Erin Hale, Properties Manager & Ghost Hunter

Erin Hale Ghost Hunter
Erin Hale Jones Properties Manager

If you've dropped by Jones Properties headquarters recently, you've likely come face to face with a smiling face who answered your questions and helped get you into your new home or business location. But just who is Erin Hale? Read on to find out.

As property manager with Jones Properties, Erin screens potential tenants, signs leases, inspects properties, shows properties to prospective tenants, emails correspondence with prospective and active tenants, provides customer service, collects rent, sends out an occasional bill, handles evictions, and…well, you get the point. She does a lot. Or as she says, "Every day is a bit different from the next, and is guaranteed to be far from boring."

While she came on board at Jones Properties in May 2016, her previous position was as property manager with another company, which enabled her to hit the ground running. But it's not just her expertise that makes her such a great fit for her position. It's also her bubbly personality, love of people, and never-ending fount of patience.

The most regular beneficiaries of her patience and positive, go-get-‘em attitude are her husband of eighteen years, Danny, and their two children—17-year-old Brandon and 12-year-old Allison. The family also has one four-legged fur baby, Bowzer the dog. "Danny and I have been in Cleveland since 1997," Erin says, "and we love raising our family here. There is honestly no place like home!"

When not at work, most of Erin's free time is spent with her family. But she does find time for what some consider an abnormal past-time. "One weekend a month I do paranormal investigations/tours," Erin explains. "Through Ghost Hunts USA, I am stationed at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital as an investigator. It's definitely not for the faint of heart!"

Despite the spooky nature of her past time, when asked if Erin is afraid of ghosts, her response is always "I ain't afraid a no ghosts."

And to answer the question so many have already asked and you may have right now, there has been no paranormal activity in any homes or commercial properties managed by Jones Properties. So rest easy, knowing there are no ghosts hiding in the corner—that's just Erin, making sure your needs are met.