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Love wine, hate mosquitos? Here's the solution.

Video from Nifty
Warm weather brings green grass, playing outside, and BUGS! Tell the mosquitoes they're not invited to the cookout with this awesome DIY citronella lamp.

Here's a few simple instructions via


  • Empty wine or beer bottles
  • Tiki replacement wicks
  • Citronella torch fuel
  • Brass coupling
  • Rope or twine 
  • Pebbles or decorative marbles
  • Wood glue


Make sure all of your wine bottles are empty and clean. You can use warm water and a scrubbing brush to remove any label remnants. 

Loop sisal or hemp rope around the bottle. You can use wood glue to help hold the rope together. 

Fill your wine bottle with decorative marbles or some pebbles with outside. Fill about half way. Pour in fuel so that it is a few inches from the top.

Use a 1/2 - 3/4 brass coupling to keep the wick in place. Push the wick roughly 1 3/4 inches through the coupling. Put it in the bottle, give it a good 1/2 an hour to soak up the fuel.

Now place your brand new bug repellent outside and watch the mosquitos leave in droves. 

Many of our properties feature large yards, patios and decks, make sure you stay bug bite free this spring and summer.